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Each book is centered in Wildstone California but characters are always unconnected. The books follow more than two characters so there’s usually sibling dynamics to laugh at while the romance happens. I’m always very excited to see what gets nominated for the awards, but then I’m usually pretty disappointed with what wins. It feels like it’s always just the bog name authors that get the attention. I usually end up reading the winners of the Choice Awards the following year.


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If a reader finishes one of my books, she usually buys the others, but I’m still not making consistently significant sales. I need advice that’s tailored to romantic fiction, please. Like the name of this web publication suggests, Highly Sensitive Refuge is a place where Highly Sensitive people feel safe to be themselves. This publication is managed by the same team as IntrovertDear – so you’ll notice the pitching requirements are similar. I’ve recently become aware of a certain snobbery among a lot of writers I encounter. Everyone thinks they’re better than listicles.

Waze is also offering discounts on gasoline at participating gas stations around the country. Mid-level brands aren’t the only ones eyeing the spending power of Canadians. Luxury brands like celebrity favorite Kara Ross is also making her presence known with her high-end accessories. It was a trickle with Anthropologie and J. Then it sped up with the announcement of Victoria Secret, The Limited and Target. Now US retailers seems to be flowing over the border to set up shop in Canada, usually starting with Toronto.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to have a piece published on POPSUGAR (a publication I’ve been reading for years) and even more elated when I was asked to join the contributor team. Bronwyn joined the Byrdie team in 2021. She is a professional storyteller and digital pioneer with 20 years of experience in print, digital and social media.

I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan. My book about my dream job, optometrist, but most mentions of her job so far are how boring it is. It was one of only two books I could find starring eye doctors, though, so sticking with it. While I liked this book a lot, I don’t know that I would recommend a 40 hour audiobook to anyone. I had to speed it up in order to finish the 21 day loan.

Its red and flocked, embossed gold designs and lettering, built in red and gold ribbon book mark, burgundy edged pages, colored illustrations between sections and at the start of each chapter etc. I admit when I got it, i only knew Kobe Bryant was a basketball player and nothing else. Around when he died I’d also heard about some other unsavory allegations. So I did have mixed feelings reading it, but I figured I already owned it and it was actually written by Wesley King.

$50–100 per article within 30 days after publication. Trying new things is always a solid way to take care of your mental health and wellness. Photo by Mikhail Nilov on PexelsI’ll never forget the day I got an email saying POPSUGAR accepted my article and that I could be a regular contributor for the site. And walking to the beat of your own drum. My blog, Kirbie Goes to Hollywood, is a mix of tips, advice and commentary on beauty, LA, music and the entertainment industry. If you are already registered on our website, you can sign in by selecting your partner organization below, then entering your email address and password on the next screen.

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