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If you have relevant content or subtopics that cover and match my blog then you can send your topics. The article can include URLs linking to your website. However, the URLs should only link to informative articles from your site. The editorial review process takes a little over two days, but once an editor has approved your content, it will be published on our website and shared with you. You can contact us via email to discuss more the position you want to be inserted into your blog. We will put a banner at the header, footer, or sidebar of some posts that are relevant to what you do online and how people see it as well.

Being a guest contributor is an excellent method to gain visibility for your own blog. We’d love to hear your proposal whether you have an outstanding recipe concept, a culinary tale from your travels, or a related opinion article. Before submitting your content to us, please proofread it. Check for any grammatical or factual problems, as well as any broken links. All posts are reviewed and approved before they are published.

A lot of sites that accept guest contributions expect their writers to figure out complex Content Management Systems and guidelines before they can get their work online. After all, your contributions are valuable to my site so I don’t want to put any barriers in your way that would prevent you from writing for us. Your article cannot be reposted on your own blog or on other websites.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

When submitting your guest post to us, it is imperative to ensure that you adhere to some guidelines. As such, ensure that you write an article about kitchen tools, cookware reviews, kitchen gadgets, or any other similar article. We are also open for quality guest posts submission on kitchen appliance reviews, kitchen tools, and all relevant topics.Send your request at We don’t want articles about food, but we’d love to hear about other people’s experiences.

The post has not been published anywhere else online. Proktools has a large number of visitors and readers every month. If your content is amazing and we represent it on our website, then your brand value will also increase. Your post contribution should include the following points in order to write for us.

As you can see, our site isn’t only a collection of recipes. We’re here to talk about anything, whether it’s commercial cooking, a review of a fantastic kitchen item, or your thoughts on a new restaurant. Please, however, do not send in anything that would not be appropriate for I Really Like Food. We make every effort to provide my readers with stuff that is both useful and fascinating.

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