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If you’re on the same page, you should send health-related pitches to these websites, as they accept outside contributions. We accept only high-quality free guest posts that are plagiarism and error-free. The opportunity to include links to your website and social media accounts, which will be embedded in your author bio. Your guest post must not be blatantly promotional. If your article submission reads like a thinly disguised advertising piece, we will class it as a sponsored post and it will not be published as a guest post. After checking everything, go to his blog and read some of the articles written by him so that he can get a little idea of ​​how his writing style is.

Important articles and blogs related to Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Development, which help you to grow your business and increase your knowledge potential. I don’t know if you like the idea of blog collaboration. Our blogs share the same interests and audience, and I believe we could make the best of that opportunity.

Premier Christianity receives a large number of inquiries, so you must send an outline of 200–300 words that highlights your article idea. They welcome tech-savvy Christians to share their insights into Christian web trends and related topics. Menuism is a website dedicated to helping people find the best restaurants and food. They encourage users to reviewwhatthey are most important, and they also have a blog you can contribute towards.

They try to provide practical and entertaining content that improves the lives of readers while also brightening their day. Lifehacker is a lifestyle publication that touches on almost every topic under the sun. Everything from cooking to finance and career is written about on their site. If you have a lot of well-rounded knowledge to share, pitch these websites. Contact Harsh through the website form with your pitch, but first, read the submission guidelines to increase your chances of getting approved. CallingAllGeeks is one of the leading tech blogs in India.

Your guest posts will reach your target audience and you’ll gain more visibility in your niche. When publishing your guest post on our web pages, you can generate greater brand awareness since you will have the opportunity to include a link to your website within the text. At Fashion Trends, we invite you to write for us about different topics. Your texts can be published in our blogs or in any other format of our web pages.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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This platform is designed to share news and tips on everyday living. Feel free to also drop by our sponsored Etsy shop. We believe everyone has a unique talent and can make it to success however average we look in real life. You can submit for consideration an original article, with content based on your professional expertise, and we will review it for potential publication on our site. Blog posts should be 1,000 words, but if they can be summarized in a shorter piece, that’s okay, too. Share opinions on legal matters to showcase expertise by guest authoring on 1stCounsel’s legal blog.

Once any aspirant for the position of guest blogging acknowledged Coupon Toaster ground working, when they acknowledged the primary means of operations, there would be no glitches. From all things, the matters will go all smoothly. As you all are already considerably aware of the fact that, creativeness is a first and foremost stance of any writing snippet. is at number 6th from the top 10 guest post accepting sites for the write for us fashion category. So if you really want to contact them then please email them at and wait for their reply.

They promote only the best health care to help people and institutions make better choices. Sharon Haver is the founder of Focus On Style, a website dedicated to fashion, style consulting, and her podcast. It’s a website dedicated to helping people eat healthier, learn delicious recipes, and teach them about the benefits of eating vegan. The Disney Food Blog is run by AJ Wolfe, and he is super passionate about visiting Disney Parks to find new food.

For Publication please email at and keep in mind all submissions should be in word document format doc. And you can write a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 800 words. If you’ve enough budget to spend on the content or are willing to write content on your own, you can rarely or sparingly accept guest posts. Here’s a list of some of the important questions you must know about guest blogging and guest posting sites if you want to better understand the game in 2022 and beyond. Do proper research before you start writing guest posts for any blog. The more time you spend on researching, the better quality of guest posts you can create.

Of course, ensure that you read their guidelines before pitching to boost your chance of getting accepted. InstantShift is a website that educates web designers on how to become better at their craft, however, one category they publish blog posts under is photography. Inside Out Style focuses on topics related to color, style, beauty, and body image.

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