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Shopify is partnering with BuzzFeed to make it easy to showcase your products to BuzzFeed’s editors. Research products in various categories and price points that are of interest to the BuzzFeed audience. At BuzzFeed, we want all employees to feel safe and comfortable when they engage in any in-person meetings, when visiting the office, or when working from an offsite production or meeting location. As part of this commitment to health and safety, BuzzFeed requires COVID-19 vaccines for current U.S. employees, including all newly hired employees. Requests for accommodation per applicable law for health and/or religious reasons will be considered. Union employees are subject to what is outlined in their applicable collective bargaining agreement.

L. Stine agreed to sit for an interview after Dunn “cold-tweeted” him on Twitter. After trying and failing to interview Colbert by crashing a $2,000 a plate dinner gala, Dunn settled for asking him questions during a pre-show Q&A for The Colbert Report. They also used Help a Reporter Out, an online service that connects journalists with expert sources. BuzzFeed is a social news and entertainment website. With PR8, DA 94 and TF 57, it is considered one of the Highest ranking websites, which produces an average of 380 posts a day and through this hourlie, your post can be one of these.

A headline that leverages the curiosity gap does so by teasing you with something, whether it’s a pithy group of screenshots or some information they promise you can find inside. You want that information, usually spurred on by an emotional sentiment or a teaser of what’s inside. You aren’t given it, either in the headline or the snippet.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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BuzzFeed Ideas is looking for unique, well-told personal essays that people will want to share. The website says they’ll discuss payment specifics upon the acceptance of your draft or pitch. One writer on Who Pays Writers reported getting paid $0.33 a word. I just started pitching SELF editors, and I’m feeling excited. The one-week turnaround and great pay encourage me, and I love the work they produce.

Looking for an ambitious editor to publish stories, follow news, and write headlines on our widely read mobile app and front page. The front page updates constantly and features a diverse range of stories from across the publication. Our next example is from TintHue, a play consultancy.

You don’t need to go full no-words listicle, but you shouldn’t try to rock the boat. They got where they are by doing things one specific way; it works, so give it a try. This is the general list of acceptable behaviors.

Headquartered in New York, New York, BuzzFeed is an online media company specializing in shareable content, original video, and social, entertainment, and breaking news. As an employer, BuzzFeed offers internships and professional job opportunities and seeks to foster a workplace culture based on teamwork, experimentation, equality, humble confidence, hard work, and fun. In the past, BuzzFeed has hired for flexible positions in the form of part-time, flexible schedule, alternative schedule, freelance, temporary, and remote jobs. Bustle pays $50-75 an article and features queer, personal identity pieces as well as queer lists. Submit completed articles for consideration instead of pitching.

There are a few qualities that Buzzfeed headlines have that are common across the various “types” of headlines they publish. Sites love it when people spend time on them and leave comments, interacting with the author and with one another. We create blog content that converts – not just for ourselves, but for our clients, too. In fact, Buzzfeed News, their journalism branch, is actually one of the best and least biased journalism outlets available in these trying times. When all else fails, it’s high quality content that makes it through.

The link drives customers directly to your online store, tracking attribution for BuzzFeed sales, and organizes a monthly payout of commissions after you’ve received the customer’s payment. BuzzFeed is the leading independent digital media and tech company, delivering news and entertainment content to a global audience. We value experimentation, teamwork, inclusion, humble confidence.

The quiz needs this information in order to give you an accurate result, it is asking the person about themselves directly, and it makes you wonder how your character determines what type of fighter you are. This question from the Play Personality quiz also satisfies all three criteria. It helps discover which Play type you are, it asks the person about themselves, and it makes you curious about how your walking style affects your play style. The first step to building your Buzzfeed style quiz is coming up with a title.

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