How to Become a Top Writer on Medium Your Top Questions Answered

This isn’t to say that such stories aren’t necessary. They’re fun and motivating — each author reveals a glimpse into the bigger picture. Read as much as you can, and type until your fingers bleed. This is the only way to find out if you’re made for the art.

Writing good content that gets noticed and impresses the right audience so you can shortcut the learning process. As you can see from the analytics, the reason it’s important to trend is because the majority of my traffic got pushed by Medium itself. That’s the advantage of publishing on the Medium platform. Because I already had 900 followers, I was able to leverage this to get a small fraction of eyeballs on my post and people recommending my article instantly. I’m going to share that process in this post, along with what I’ve learned about the platform so that you can replicate this kind of success for yourself. Before publishing on Medium, I talked to successful Medium writers and found out how they got so much traction.


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The “Recommend” is the “Like” of the Medium world. It’s a way to show you that you appreciate the content that someone has shared. Tell your story your way — with different ways to write, style, and brand your work. Early 30’s, mentally complex, twisted and honest, reflecting and growing, catching and sharing gems with all my kindred.

Medium is a place for writers to share their stories, thoughts, and musings in a community that values independent and unique perspectives. Without the distraction of outside advertisements or sponsorships, Medium focuses on substance and authenticity. Give us meat, whether it’s a 1000-word single-lesson experience or a 3,500-word monumental life lesson with deep takeaways. Your post will be rejected if there’s too much “fluff” or unnecessary verbosity. I had zero followers on Medium and zero reads on my postsuntil I got out of my way and took smart advice.

Here are more useful links on finding publications to follow. Writing engaging content can be a challenge, especially for new writers. This means finding social media groups, online forums, and other publications to join and actively participate in. Once you have the followers and have maintained an active level on the platform, you can follow this linkto sign up for the program.

Added an example of Medium’s embedded links to clarify Rule 6 and clarified grammar throughout the entire document. Added clarity to the Image rules in the Style Guide. Expanded what changes editors can make instead of rejecting a story. Added a description of subsection headings to the Style Guide. Increased the number of permissible card links in 6c. Enhanced 8c.2 to highlight formatting issues when importing from WordPress.

If you meet Medium’s curationstandards, there’s a chance the Medium editors will promote your content across their platform , giving your story tons of exposure. Instead, they decided that reading time is a better measure of reader engagement and appreciation. We’re always on the lookout for great mobile app developers and CI/CD enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with our community of readers. Links included in the article should be related to the content and only used to provide more context or back up a claim/stat. Avoid mentions of products or services and self-promotion links unless related to the subject.

Expanded What We Publish to include how to frame articles and highlight what types of submissions we don’t accept. Section headings help break up large blocks of text and benefit the article’s search engine optimization. All submissions should be split into well-organized sections using correctly formatted section headings. Gifs, while permissible, should only be used when they add value to a submission.

You will always retain ownership of syndicated content. An example of a saturated topic would be an article that covers ES2015/ES6 features. Another example would be an article that covers the basics of React Hooks. The same also applies to topics that are outdated, or no longer considered to be a best-practice. An example of this would be an article about React Class components. I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up, but the predicament was I never wanted to grow up.

To pitch, send us a short email and we will get back to you shortly. The target size for our articles is 1.5–2.5K words, although we’re open to shorter and longer pieces. We strongly prefer materials that provide valuable insights, while staying on topic. We are not interested in shallow or repetitive content. Please proofread your materials before submitting and include high-quality pictures and/or graphics. Unsplash, Pexels, The Stocks, and Burst are great sites to get free stock photos.

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