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The most successful introductions include two species of parasitoids attacking the larvae, one attacking the adult, and a parasitoid and predator attacking the eggs. A program to collect the most effective natural enemies, rear them in large numbers, and release the progeny assisted in the spread of some of these species. These natural enemies, plus a fungal disease that infects larvae and pupae, have kept the densities of alfalfa weevil far below the economic injury level in most years in the Northeast.


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External factors, such as a drought can also speed up the process. You may have noticed this summer that there are an awful lot of spiders hanging around. Guidance for the reregistration of pesticide products containing glyphosate as the active ingredient. Thies ML, Mc Bee K. Cross-placental transfer of organochlorine pesticides in Mexican free-tailed bats from Oklahoma and New Mexico.

After initial growth, many insects will experience a juvenile stage. This can be a rapid process of only a couple of weeks to a 2-3 month period. These sub-adults may have some of the features of adults of their species, but typically they look physically different and most importantly they lack sexual maturity.

Cockroaches harbour in cupboards, drawers, below kitchen sinks etc. The gel is an edible pesticide that attracts cockroaches and kills them after they consume it. Closed areas like cabinets, drawers, cupboards, lofts and areas under tables and sofas etc. are treated by applying Bayer Gel. Rodents carries diseases that are transmittable to humans and other animals. Simply putting it, a place that is clean doesn’t attract pests. It doesn’t leave food and a venue for pests to grow on and breed.

In this new series, Grahame Turner from BPCA Consultant member company PestAcuity, will turn his attention to pest risk assessments. In this issue of PestWatch, guest author Chris Parmiter from BPCA Consultant Member company Pesttrain clarifies the legal nuances of controlling field mice in the UK. Bayer has completed the sale of its Environmental Science Professional business to the international private equity firm Cinven. BPCA has partnered with WowNow Hire to give members discounts on tailor-made hire solutions for pest businesses. The strategy you choose will depend on the pest you have identified and the kind and amount of control you need.

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