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DigitalOcean will make donations using Bright Funds on your behalf, but you’ll tell us which fund or charity that will receive the donation. You can choose to receive your payout via PayPal or in DigitalOcean credit. You must have a PayPal account that can receive funds. For more information and guidance on the writing process, we have a variety of resources to help you. See our Technical Writing Guidelines, Technical Recommendations and Best Practices, and Tutorial Templates.

That is a bit strange because I just gave them access to my repo on GitHub! I would expect a page where they talk about deploying my app! I recently received a DigitalOcean referral link from a friend. So I got a whopping $100 in credit for the next six months. We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews.

Refine your DigitalOcean hosting experience for even more simplicity. Enjoy all the hassle-free benefits of DigitalOcean web servers for your business. DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 — A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. Since I just wanted to try out some services, I clicked on “Deploy a web application”. I think this is a nice way to let people try DigitalOcean services.

At this time, we are not accepting translations for publication. You may publish a translation of your own on your own web site, using the guidelines described in the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can choose to donate to one of the funds we support, which splits the donation equally among the nonprofits in the fund. You can alternatively choose to donate the full amount to one specific nonprofit from within those funds. If you cannot receive payment via PayPal, we also offer the same amount in DigitalOcean credits.

That doesn’t mean that your tutorial won’t have broad appeal, and you can provide additional context to appeal to readers at other skill levels. However, the planning stages will be easier if you keep the audience narrow. For DigitalOcean tutorials, a narrow audience is usually better than a broad one. The tutorial How To Progressively Deliver Releases Using Flagger on DigitalOcean Kubernetes assumes a much more experienced reader. It assumes that readers are familiar with Kubernetes, Helm, and Nginx, and already have a cluster configured to use all of these technologies.

The hello_world function takes a request, and returns a response. So all we have to do in the body of our code is return a Response object. In our case, we use a response builder to set the HTTP status code to 200 and then set the response body to Hello, DigitalOcean!. Finally, while we still have this terminal window open, create a new directory for our application.


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DigitalOcean also got accepted in the Techstars Accelerator program in 2012. We’re looking for a diverse group of strong technical writers who love what they do and want to share their knowledge with the DO community. Ideally, you’ll have demonstrated experience in the topics we’re publishing. You’ll have written before, and are comfortable receiving feedback on your writing during the publishing process. Our readers have a wide range of skills, but we’re looking for authors who can write for beginning and intermediate developers. Authors test their tutorials to ensure they work by following them exactly as written on fresh servers to ensure accuracy and identify missing steps.

Our editors all have technical backgrounds and will look for technical best practices as they test your article. Our goals are to enable authors to give back to the DigitalOcean and open-source communities, and to strengthen these communities by supporting the work of charities, nonprofits, and activists. In this tutorial, you’ve done the pre-writing steps necessary to define your tutorial and give it focus. You refined the idea, identified the audience and scope, brainstormed the necessary steps, and finalized the outline. This gives you a strong foundation from which to begin writing, and also provides the information that our editors need to decide whether to accept your tutorial for publication.

That’s also when we’ll ask for your contact and payment details. Our goal at DigitalOcean is to build up a large, comprehensive, and beautifully written collection of tutorials. We are hoping that these articles will not only be accurate and informative, but will also be incredibly well-written.

When your article is done, we ask that you thoroughly test it by reading through it and following it as a reader would. You won’t have to incur any cost to test your tutorials. A writing sample that demonstrates your writing ability, technical expertise, and ability to explain complex topics to readers who are unfamiliar with your topic. A narrow scope is also preferable because we want readers to be able to reproduce the steps successfully. You could write a tutorial about monitoring that involves six different servers, but the reader would need to set up that many Droplets, which could be inconvenient or expensive.

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