It is even possible to write about spiritual experiences for secular magazines , and I am learning how to do it. I have realized that spirituality is not necessarily an attribute of a religious affiliation – it is rather an attitude of the mind, the heart, and the soul. Our relations with the environment, the food we eat, or the places we visit can be spiritual. Most importantly, these stories should be sincere and honest. Readers do not need “spiritual gurus” to teach them how they should live. They look for inspiration from ordinary persons who has faced and overcome difficulties.

I will never be whole this side of heaven, but the closer I can get to the true self, and not the imposter, faker, and trying to please others self, the better. It’s often a release valve redeeming my thoughts and days. The Christian Church celebrates Advent this month remembering the coming of the Messiah into the world as a baby. Not only to remember this miraculous and history altering event, but to wait in expectation of the Messiah’s return, to heal our broken lives, and restore our fractured world.

I looked for other venues to expand my publishing opportunities for my spiritual experiences. In my dentist’s office, I found Creation Illustrated magazine, which featured nature articles from a Christian perspective. During my long walks around the farm I learned valuable lessons from nature – especially when I stepped on the “shaky ground” of the wetland. So far, I have written seven pieces about my personal stories and spiritual insights in for this publication. We seek to provide spiritual nourishment and thoughtful and practical articles for women in graduate school, professional school, or on faculty. We encourage articles written from a personal viewpoint.


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In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about spirituality guest posting on Kefi Mind. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. Then we provide you the opportunity to the passionate guest bloggers and writers to write for us on exciting ideas and share your opinions. We prefer to publish pieces that haven’t been published anywhere else, including personal or professional blogs, with the exception that the original piece be modified to fit our audience well. Our blog is a safe place for people to read and discuss their views and opinions.

Writers forThe Wellare not paid for their work. We acknowledge that the opinions of our guests may not necessarily represent the ministry, doctrine, or policies of InterVarsity. Although we are serving an academic audience, we choose not to have a formal academic voice. We appreciate writing with a personal voice and, even in an informative article, appreciate personal stories.

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