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Even though out of all the readers only 20% want to be in contact with you, it’s still a huge crowd of followers. House Absolutes is an eminent name when it comes to home decor, furniture, gift supplies, and home improvement items. Our fundamental values are to formulate an SEO benevolent blog to enable our content to reach a huge number of audiences.

Right now they’re justpassionate thoughtsorwell-marinated pet peeves. Turn those ideas into columns that will help other tech decision makers and write for MyTechDecisions. The House Absolutes team will not be accepting any kind of self-promotion and will only entertain niche blogs that provide knowledge to the audience. It should not be manipulative, or shouldn’t be providing wrong information. Writing for SecureBlitz will go a long way in improving your brand awareness.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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HtpcBeginner is now opening up and letting you reach its readers directly. Both experienced and novice writers are welcome to contribute. Publish your articles here, gain growing visibility, and even make some money.

Our blogs related to security give information to many professionals and the general public. We publish blogs to enhance the knowledge of security professionals. Another area of interest would be to write about these new technologies and applications being developed. I can come up with more specifics and provide a portfolio if that piques your interest. First, send us an email at , with one or a few topics you can confidently write about.

If you have a book in mind or just an idea for a book that you’d like us to consider, let us know. Include at least one picture, or graphic in your post to make the article standard. Posts should be original works, it may not be published elsewhere and you agree that we may promote it, quote it, update it and republish it. The best platform in the digital marketing industry. Turn your sales funnel into a kill zone with content that draws your audience through every phase of the buyer’s journey. Once your article is accepted for publication, our in-house art department will design article layout.

Photographs, other creative, all images and text must be sent as separate files. A 1 to 2 paragraph abstract must be submitted for approval. Your abstract must be a high level summary of what the article will be about. First of all, your Guest Post must cover one of the topics we have discussed above. Guest posts will be owned by us, so we can modify or change them as we see fit. Make sure your content falls into the right category.

While you are looking for the portal, you find Your guest posting article must be related to home security. Being a passionate blogger, we understand your wish to write and publish your informative content on famous blog sites. To submit your content in your niche, you must find the right blog posting site.

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