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No, the majority of our copywriting services are pay-as-you-go. There are no contracts, subscriptions, or other similar things involved here. Simply place an order and pay for your material as needed. This is a very popular request, and any copywriter worth their salt will be able to produce stunning content that seamlessly integrates into your existing text. Simply provide a few samples of your work in the area, and the writer will take care of the rest.

If that seems overwhelming, start with what you can manage and work your way up. Instead consider it a positive sign of industry growth and ongoing health. Hearingaid-Guide is a non-commercial site created with the aim of drawing public attention to hearing loss and hearing problems. is one of the most important and complete websites on hearing, hearing loss, tinnitus and on treatments and strategies for living with hearing problems.

Article should be previously unpublished articles and we don’t allow articles submitted to us to be published somewhere else. A link back to the article on your website is fine. With a few words about you, some topic ideas that you would like to write about and some examples of your previous work or your blog, if you have one.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Our writers seamlessly incorporate keywords into your material in order to guarantee you receive the highest organic traffic possible. We’ll include a clear and enticing call to action to generate sales, as well as make sure your content is consistent with your company’s current tone and voice. The rigorous procedure for selecting content writers is part of the reason why our material is consistently regarded as some of the best in the business. This is something you don’t have to worry about when using our service. Great natural health content from just $3.40 per 100 words.

We look forward to encouraging your expertise on Ayurvedic Home Remedies and featuring you as a professional guest posting writer. Free guest posting is allowed from Non-Commercial, educational, govt, and semi-government organizations only. Other informative sites on spiritual with useful pitches live for one year at the AHR blog.

They look for articles that are empowering, informative, and entertaining. They pay AU$600 to AU$750 for feature articles 2,000 to 2,500 words long and AU$150 for shorter pieces. Thank you for taking the time to consider writing for Mentor Pro. Please read the following to learn more about the kind of content we publish.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re an amazing writer who is well-versed in themes linked to mental health and addictions. AHR is a natural health blog based on naturopathic treatment with SEmrush DA 37and PA 38. The blog is purely informative and with useful well-being topics. You have opportunities to write for us on different health niches. We will not rewrite your article but may make content and copy edits, title and/or photo changes, and other revisions. We will submit any content edits to you for approval before moving on to copy edits.

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They’re looking for clear pitches on original takes. Editors want to shape the story with their writers, so no completed drafts. Publisher Peter Solveson created these two magazines for Colorado hospitals and health care professionals. They include health articles and physician profiles. This is how A Class blogs tend to found on number one search engine Google.

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