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It will help filter prospects and ensure only qualified investors or tenants contact you about the property. Beyond the property, go into greater detail on the location, surrounding businesses and amenities. Elements like foot traffic, the vibe of the neighborhood, and more will have a direct impact on many businesses as they enter a new neighborhood. Your description of the location will largely depend on the type of investors or tenants you are looking for as well.

All locations are full-service with dispatchers, mechanics, and service/delivery vehicles. Home Depot Pro Specialty Trades receive wholesale and volume-based pricing on professional-grade products and business solutions. Purchase high-quality appliances direct from GE at discount member prices. Full service, in-home delivery available to most residences. Access a selection of more than 60,000 batteries, lightbulbs, and accessories online and in over 700 stores nationwide.

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The taxes, mechanics of purchasing, and maintenance responsibilities for commercial properties are buried in layers of legalese. These requirements shift according to state, county, industry, size, zoning, and many other designations. Most investors in commercial real estate either have specialized knowledge or a payroll of people who do. If you are interested in having a real estate guest post article on the site then please send an email at and your blog will be published on the site. We work with commercial real estate industry businesses around the globe. Get the best advisement and service available anywhere in the world to build credibility internationally and effectively position your brand.

Once you’ve made the inroads, you can speak with journalists or the magazine editor to either have a piece done on you or write a guest post for the publication to get more traction for your business. Here’s a video from Mike Sherrard explaining how you can set up a Facebook retargeting ad. Although the video is for residential real estate, you can also use the tips for commercial properties.

Optimize your lead generation and online presence with digital marketing agency iFocus. Services include paid search, social media management and advertising, SEO, online reputation management, and website design/development. The most successful guest writer submissions have a comprehensive way of writing which address the needs of the readers and teach them about a particular aspect of the commercial real estate sector. Our readers are either seasoned CRE professionals or starting a career with the Commercial Real Estate Sector or even starting a business with it so pick the niche and run with it. With our professional content writing and editing services, we develop solid leads for your team to follow up on.

Carine Visagie is a multi-award-winning journalist and content marketer with 19 years of experience in digital publishing, servicing numerous premier brands. We will help you decide what the best content marketing approach for your business would be. Book a discovery call with us and we’ll get started on a quick marketing audit to help you figure out your next steps. To clients ranging from small renovation contractors to construction management businesses to architecture firms. For every project, we deliver concise and valuable content fit for our client’s niche. Our team is in the know about the latest in SEO rules and expectations.

Lili holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and a master’s degree in Biochemistry. Having worked in many of the poorest communities in South Africa, she dreams of a society where everyone has equal access to medicine. She believes that her pen is her strongest weapon in this regard. Due to her degree in biochemistry, Lili is particularly proficient in writing about medicine and technical topics. Writing about new topics and industries is a passion of hers. As a knowledgeable writer and editor, she has the ability to turn the faintest hint of an idea into an engaging, thought-provoking piece.

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