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With that, we’re encouraging you to please review our editorial guidelines before providing us with topic pitches. We aim to publish an interesting, informative magazine for those with professional interest in security. We cover all aspects of national and global security in a non-promotional style. The article has to follow the ZEVENET document template that will be provided including corporate colors, iconography, and fonts. The English language is preferred but other languages are also welcomed. In addition, the authors will gain visibility in both on our website and on our Social Networks, hence you’ll obtain further reputation among the technology audience.

These articles tend to be our most widely read, and play a huge role in growing our — and your — readership and influence. They should strive to identify an angle about an important topic that is being overlooked in the public debate. They should be written in a snappy manner that makes them enjoyable to read.

Our team of employees value time and never compromise their responsibility. Our team of writers writes engaging and informative content on security to provide the best information to people across the globe. You should also go through other blogs published on our platform to get an idea about the quality of the content before writing for the content on security for the platform. We welcome tech writers, bloggers, and experts who want to write for us. Our team is always expanding & upgrading & you are obviously welcome to work with us at No lags VPNs.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

By becoming a guest writer you can boost both your company’s profile and your personal brand by sharing your expertise with our community. If you are looking for an authority site to contribute your ideas about home security, we are here to help you achieve that. We assume that you used the following footprints to search for us that’s why you are here. If it’s an infographic, share the introduction of the same with a minimum of 200 words. The length of the submitted article should be a minimum of 800 words. It should contain detailed information about the topic.

If you are a blogger or any website owner then you must know the value of a single link from any good website. So it will be so good for you an us as well if you write for us software. Please send us a word document including images or video URLs that are part of your post. Please don’t be upset if we recommend some changes; we want your post to be successful.

Same for “Department of Defense” or “Defense Department.” After that, abbreviate as DOJ or DOD . Maybe use “Justice Department” on second reference if the first reference is too far away. Authors may also use “ISIS,” “ISIL,” or “Daesh” if they prefer.

If you’re comfortable with working with us after reading our guidelines then we’ll surely prepare a place for you on this website. Please note we do not accept articles from unrelated industries. We reserve the right to reject a submitted post without reason. In the deluge of information flowing onto our screens every day, many readers read by scanning through quickly. Then make sure you edit your piece according to the following guidelines before you send us the completed version. We will also retain the copyright to all content you publish with us (you can’t resubmit it someplace else). was established with the purpose of providing an all-around SSL/TLS knowledge platform to everyone. We dream to see every single website on the Internet securely encrypted, and we’re proud to contribute our bit to this grand vision. Use “State Department” and include an indication to which the department belongs (“U.S. State Department”) unless it’s absolutely clear from the context. On first reference, either “Department of Justice” or “Justice Department” is fine.

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