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Ideas or concepts for article submissions can also be emailed to me for approval prior to writing the article. A business-related person who is trying to develop modern eco-friendly products can get in touch with you. The article’s language should be simple and easy and must follow the active voice. The main topic must follow headings and sub-headings; this helps attract readers and generate traffic.

You must get us notified and provide a credit and backlink to CareOurEarth. The contributors can take advantage of our new opportunity to write on the Environment for our website. We have maintained our site well, and you can find every topic 100% authentic.

The links that provide context, explanation, video, and/or further readings can be supplied. If you have an idea to communicate with the public on environmental issues or public policy, our site is an ideal and excellent platform to share your insights and showcase your expertise. We don’t allow direct sales pitches or backlinks to the promotional product page. However, you may link your homepage from the author bio or from within the content if it’s relevant. To discourage such useless attempts, we have revised our guest post submission guidelines and requesting you to go through the requirements before sending your content. Social Media – We post published articles to our Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts.

And we encourage our Content Contributors to promote their own stories as well. Once an article has been approved, we’ll add it to our queue and publish it as soon as possible. The exact turnaround time depends on how busy we are, but it’s generally around 2-5 business days. Please ensure you have the correct permission to use any photos or images you send to us, and please provide them in the highest resolution available. If you don’t include any images with your article, we will select an appropriate stock photo for you. Though accepts fewer editorials than the above mentioned analysis-based articles, there are always a few submissions that are too good to ignore.

Save 15% off green household products at The context will help each reader fully grasp your article without stopping to question themselves… or you. Passive voice usually makes your writing appear weak and unclear. In contrast, an active voice conveys a thought forcefully and directly. Passive voice is familiar in academic writing, but active voice is almost always the preferred method in blogging. When a writer references data, statistics, or other information from research studies, it is critical to choose reputable sources.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Assume your most fragile grandparent is reading your article. Sometimes, you must quickly explain something you might find obvious or well-known. We request that a link to the data source be included in the content. Please link phrases, not single words, and Similarly, do not link complete sentences. We are informing readers to be more conscious of their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors around the environment and help them make better decisions to build a better planet. Every article should include a secondary title and a summary.

As stated above, we deal in various niches and around 1000 readers visit our website daily to grab authentic knowledge. Therefore, your content will also get mass exposure, giving your career a better look. The keywords intensity and gap should be maintained and used six to seven times. The sentences/words must be straightforward, keeping in mind that all the readers should easily understand and grab knowledge from your content.

Art – Posts that discuss about art and it’s interconnections with nature. Kindly add a description at the end of the article that tells what you will discuss in your content. We will check the copied content via specialized tools for plagiarism. So please read below for full details to understand our benefits and guidelines.

Get 30% off all Repurpose products through Thanksgiving. Building a better planet through accurate, insightful content and information. Support our mission to make sustainability accessible for everyone. SR does not endorse any political party and expects its contributors to respect that. Scientific journals, credible newspapers, and other verified sources should be chosen when referencing data or stats.

Hastebc provide new writers with several opportunities. You can now write for us about the environment and all other related topics using that information alone. The Article should be related to sustainability, sustainable development, business sustainability, green and healthy lifestyle, ESG, mental health, environmental issues, and the like. Please note that not all submitted articles will be published. Accepted articles may be edited by us, prior or after publication, at our sole discretion. This is done to fix grammar, or to make the article comply with guidelines and integrate better with Get Green Now.

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