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We won’t claim ownership of your piece; you own the copyright. But if you choose to republish your piece on another publication, we politely request that you mention that it was first published on Psychreg, and that you link back to the original piece. As a non-partisan publication, we publish differing views. For instance, we published an article advocating for feminism in academia, but we also published an article saying that there’s too much liberalism among universities. Program profiles.These pieces look not at a single practice but at a specific program or intervention, pulling lessons from this example that could be applied elsewhere. Profiles are generally 1,200 to 2,000 words.

It is very natural if the writings are influenced by the biases of the writers many times. So, it is important to be factual and try to substantiate or convincingly frame every argument made in the write-up. While selecting a topic to write, the writer should ask oneself why the writer wants to pen down the prospective article. What is the purpose, motivation, or significance of the article?

We do not publish poems or fiction stories, and we do not consider short first-person accounts of psychological illness or recovery. If using any resources e.g. websites and/or books, do include a list of references at the end. Artwork/images are also accepted – provided there are no copyright issues.

If you are an excellent writer who is well-informed about topics related to mental health or addictions then we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a wellness writer of expert in mental health and would like to submit a guest post or audio experience, please fill out the form below. If you’re a user looking to share your story or your journals, please visit this page instead. OC87 Recovery Diaries is dedicated to sharing the stories of people who have recovered from mental health issues. They publish personal essays on a range of topics including depression, eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and trauma. Most articles on are written by our network of expert authors.

This description is used for SEO purposes and should be two sentences and less than 156 characters . It should introduce the reader to the blog post and entice them to read on; make it unique and not generic. Writing for A Lust for Life is sort of like tangible good karma. Please be as specific as possible with your title so readers will know exactly what your piece relates to.

The Observer’s primary audience is APS members, but its influence reaches a much wider global audience through its digital presence. More than 4.6 million people, including students and teachers, policymakers, and the media, visit the APS website every year. As someone who knows the shame that can fester as a result of silence and misinformation caused by mental health stigma, I am glad to learn about these resources. The origin of the content should be mentioned, and the external links should be attached to the article.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We don’t include citations, though we do encourage our writers to mention the journal in which a study was published and/or the study’s author, ideally linking to the abstract of that study. In our series Greater Good Chronicles, writers share stories of trying to apply the science of a meaningful life to their daily lives. Ideally, these pieces take the reader along your journey with you, using specific moments and examples to illustrate how you came to grow in or gain insight about a specific key to well-being. Although you may include occasional links to research, the piece mainly highlights your story and draws out lessons that others can learn from it.

To raise awareness about your work—and make it practical to our wide audience and the people they serve. Indeed, many of our contributors are researchers interested in expanding the reach and impact of their work. I reserve the right to remove or change links and edit your post in any way, at my sole discretion. We ask that posts be a minimum of 1,000 words, with an optimal word length between 1000 to 1500. Articles below 1000 words will be rejected.

Email in your photos and your Instagram handle to and spread the word. Dr. Ciara Kelly, GP, Radio Presenter of Alive and Kicking on Newstalk FM, Irish Independent Columnist, member of the Operation Transformation team and writer of It’s good to talk. We will aim to reply to you within a couple of days but it can sometimes take us 1-3 weeks to respond to you after your article submission. We appreciate your patience with this. Keep your article as practical and meaningfully useful to the reader as possible. Word count for all articles is anything in between 850 – 1100 words per article.

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