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Whenever you provide a fact, if it’s not self-evident, let us know where you learned it. Tell us who your sources are and where your data originated. We always suggest you include the source link when quoting information from other industry reports. Our audience’s interest is intersecting between web development, data analytics, data science, data visualization, and reporting.


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Consider adding section headings along the way to make your structure visible. A great article is the one that is written for the right audience, looks good , contains links to valuable resources, and provides useful information. We only accept articles on topics that are not yet covered in our blog. We ask that you do not reprint any of the articles delivered to us on any other platform.

ProjectPro owns the right to all the content that you deliver. Of course, we love when you share our content via social media. Great tips, I learned many things from your post It is very good for everyone. We want your more post because you are making people knowledgeable Which is very important to success.

Kif has over six years of professional writing experience, having created content for a wide range of uses including blog articles, press releases, news reports, and marketing content. He has helped produced several well-researched guides for Discover Data Science that have been very popular with readers. Kif graduated from The University of Iowa with a degree in journalism and communication studies. We will also research and provide information about graduate-level courses and programs. We are also seeing a trend in data science bootcamps and certificate programs that might be a good fit for working professionals with related experience. Our audience is composed of data scientists of all levels, including entry-level employees, mid-level “in the weeds” scientists, managers and decision makers, academics, researchers, and more.

To continue reading you need to turnoff adblocker and refresh the page. The content should be of a very high quality else it would be rejected. Article topics will be Python, Numpy, Machine Learning, AI, Matplotlib, Chatbot, Deep Learning. If you are mentioning multiple statistics from one research, it is enough to link to that research just once, the first time you mention it. Always try to find and link to the original research and not to the post that is just referencing the original research. Articles should be broken down into different sections with the use of H2 and H3 subheadings.

Note that TowardsAnalytic does not consider for publication articles previously published elsewhere. But don’t duplicate a post that you have already published on Medium. Use your profile to introduce yourself, your expertise, your and achievements — optimizing it will help you develop a meaningful relationship with your audience beyond a single post. If you’re not sure what to include in your bio, here are some helpful pointers on how to ensure it’s both effective and compelling. If you just want a dataset to explain how an algorithm works, you can always create an artificial or simulated dataset. Here’s a quick tutorial, and an article that uses a simulated dataset you might find helpful.

The images you generate with AI tools cannot violate the copyright of other creators. If the AI generated image resembles or is identical to an existing copyrighted image or fictional character (like Harry Potter, Fred Flinstone etc.), you are not permitted to use it on TDS. Use your best judgment and avoid AI-generated images that copy or closely emulate another work. If in doubt, use an image search tool — like Google Lens, TinEye, or others — to check whether your images are too similar to an existing work. We may also ask that you provide details of the text prompts you used in the AI tool to confirm you did not use the names of copyrighted works.

Make sure you proofread it before submitting your article. We reserve the right to edit the content you submit. We would like to have your idea stated well and delivered most accurately. Therefore, editing might include stylistic, grammatical, and formatting improvements.

Terms like “machine learning” and “data science” are not capitalized, aside from titles. This should, at least, include your idea, your background/experience level with the topic, and your expected completion date. From there, we’ll look at your pitch and get back to you in a timely manner if we’re able to move forward. Riting blogs is one of the best ways to grow your personal brand as a data scientist.

You must ask if your pitch is appropriate for the site first. Make sure to send images as jpgs or pngs since we can’t copy/paste or save them from Google Docs. There are a few different ways that we receive content to post on the site, after your article has been approved to write.

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